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ani-new1.gif (2109 Byte)updated 10. Feb, 2003 . Click the program to download it.
Program Language Version Information
STarCall Pro Deutsch
aktuelle Version von STarCall incl. Fax & Mailbox
STarCall Pro English
latest version including Fax & BBS
STarCall Pro French
francais !
STarCall Pro NL
a patch with a 70% completed translation to dutch. See included readme for details. Requires download of the english or german version
STarFax all ani-new1.gif (2109 Byte)3.2F Update
- Please install 3.2D first, then apply this update.
Dialing problems fixed.
- bitte erst Version 3.2D installieren, dann die Dateien aus dem Archiv nachinstallieren. Behebt u.a. Wählprobleme beim Senden.
to Translate!
all 3.2A STarCall RSC-files in english/german incl.
.HRD definition files for translation to other languages.
Please contact me, if you want to do a translation.
Faxdriver Source Deutsch ß Source code of the GDOS Fax driver.
I need help to fix the NVDI-BUG.
Y2K-Fix D/E 0.9 -fixes Year 2000-Bug of XBIOS/Keyboard-clock.
-behebt Jahr 2000-Fehler des XBIOS/Keyboard.
Multrix D/E 2 -Ein netter Tetris-Clone. Nur für mono/16 Farben.
-A nice Tetris clone. Only for mono/16 colors.
Lharc.ttp E -Entpacker für LZH Dateien.
-Extracts the LZH files.
Installations-Info D/E -Anleitung zum Entpacken & Installieren
-Instructions for extraction & installation

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